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Why is PocketMine Banners better than {x}?

PocketMine Banners is the proven MCPE server banner solution. We are fast and unencumbered by features you don't need. In the end it's up to you what service you use and we are glad you considered us.

What is the deal with this new backend?

We want to provide our users with the best possible software. We are experimenting with a bunch of new features to speed up rendering of banners. We are still free and offer all the same features as before.

My old URL is broken. WHY???

The new backend will breaks all existing URLs. We will provide no redirects. There are two reasons for this: 1) We want to complete redo our backend to be faster and simpler, dropping support makes this possible. and 2) Our old server is swamped with so many requests that it can't render anything, by killing off the old URI, we will reduce the amount of requests drastically and allow the app to scale again.

What changes have been made in this new fancy backend?